graphic drivers issues... HELP!

Discussion created by exi on Aug 11, 2017
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hello everyone! i have a asus AMD Radeon 390x STRIX

and a HP FirePro v7900

The problems came whit te drivers; When i install the Firepro (just the firepro) works fine... when i install the 390x works like a 2nd  Monitor but whit no drivers; i install the drivers and works fine? noup... the FirePro is turned off and doesnt work anymore (just work lonely)... okay thats one issue... when the 2 cards are installed, the amd soft controller doenst appear anymore... and if i use chrome or something or download something... literally eats one core of my 4 core cpu

i tried a lot of ways to install the two cards and nothing...

i make a lot of things on CAD programs and i use the FirePro for that (not like a monitor, just process)...and i play games obviously whit the 390x... my question is... what is going on? i see two systems whit FirePro and GTX and other whit QUADRO and AMD working great and two cards of the "same brand" dont?


The system is:

ASROCK Fatal1ty Killer FM2a88x+

32GB Kingston HyperX

APU 7890k
Strix 390x
FirePro V7900