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    Need the right drivers WHQL certified drive for my Radeon HD 7700 to handle HDCP.


      AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series [Display adapter] HP 2011 [Monitor] (19.9"vis, s/n CNC231PPLN, Oct 2011)

      Bus Adapters Multimedia

      Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller

      NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller (2x)

      Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

      Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller AMD High Definition Audio Device

      VIA HD Audio(Win 10)



      I was until lately, able to play Blu-ray  movies using my computer's disc drive but now none of my store bought discs will play. My burned movie discs and standard DVD's  play just fine because the copy-write protection was removed. My entire setup has not changed at all. The only difference may be a number of AMD graphics driver updates. Both PowerDVD 16 and WinDVD 11 programs identified the graphics driver as the problem saying "it's unable to playback protected content" ., I am 100% certain my setup is HDCP compliant and, as I said before, I was playing protected Blu-ray and DVD discs just fine before on the exact same setup. I believe the latest Radeon Updates have knocked me off  the platform  . in my investigation I have been told :

      You need to have a WHQL certified driver for HDCP to be enabled so you would need to install one of the WHQL'd drivers on AMD.com site ., But exactly which one????


      Your latest drivers which claim to have this enabled  still won't allow me to play back BD discs thru PowereDVD16  and their support team is totally ignoring this by claiming I need need hardware..,  I have bought your hardware and the drivers are not the same as they were just a month or so ago  when this problem never existed for Years ..

      RSVP..  !!

      OS: Windows 10/  1703/ 64-bit

      Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

      ASRock N68C-GS FX

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