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Can AMD increase performance in OpenGL?

Question asked by supervargen on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2017 by wolfgarr15

I use the emulator Cemu and it makes poorly use of my gpu. A R9 290

Everywhere i reed people with cards from nvidia are getting more fps.

It's not a question about what cards people use or how fast they really are in lets say games for DX11 or DX12.

It's about how the cards use OpenGL.


I have also read that cards from AMD are doing just fine in Linux.

Something about the driver in Linux is multi-threaded. (Correct me if i'm wrong here)


And this is where you say: But Cemu is mostly a cpu hungry emulator.

Yes, that is true. But a faster card from AMD can still be slower then a slower nvidia on the same cpu.


So can AMD do something here or are OpenGL a lost fight?