Vega may be AMD's last monolithic GPU

Discussion created by black_zion on Aug 10, 2017


Basically they're speculating, based on comments about Navi, and how AMD has used their Infinity Fabric to "glue together" multiple small chips into something which AMD Threadripper 1950X OCed to 4.1GHz & Tested, Is Otherworldly, that 7nm Navi will solve the transition problem  and use multiple small GPUs all pieced together. Makes sense to me, as long as the OS and software "sees" a single large GPU, there shouldn't be a problem. It'll also allow for great power savings, especially in mobile applications, if the GPU is able to shut down 75% of the card when not in games, eliminating the need for a weak, low power GPU and a strong, high power GPU the way it is now. Although with the code name Navi I'm sure AMD will come up with an advertising campaign referencing a certain (in)famous fairie...



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