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    RX480 roasted ? badly picture issues from one to another day


      Hello my friends of the Community from AMD;


      I got a pretty bad problem, that happened yesterday while playing Dreadnought on high graphic settings.

      I got my new graphic card about a half year ago to christmas eve, its a Radeon RX480 with 8Gb RAM, as I played yesterday and started into the next round ingame, it just blackscreened, giving weird noises out of my speakers so i did a reset of my system to let it reboot, right after the reboot i got graphical errors all over the screen.



      Thats the main problem i get, so as I yesterday then right after the problem shut down my pc immediately I firstly looked my graphics up for some kind of damage on it, my graphics was pretty warm but my power core which brings the power to my system was even more hot. (couldn't put my hand on it for long)


      I am right now on a clean wipe of my system hoping after a full os reinstallation that it'll work again, also gonna set my bios back to standart with a CMOS.