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Inconsistent GPU usage on 1080ti with Ryzen 1700 @3.9

Question asked by jjfreites on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by jjfreites

So I finished my build with the ryzen 1700. I am having problems with the system fully using the GPU. Coming from a 3770K @4.4 GHz using a ROG Strix 1080ti OC and getting consistent GPU usage at 99% and having score of Unigine Heaven extreme of 4500, I was shocked when upon trying this benchmark on the 1700 at stock the results were around 3700 points. Then I used the monitoring tool of Afterburner I realized that the GPU usage is all over the place. I overclocked the 1700 to 3.9 GHz and still  the maximum I get in the same benchmark is 4100 which is way below my scores using the same GPU with the old intel 3770K. Same thing happens in BF1 at 3440 x 1440p where again, my performance using the 3770K is higher (solid than with the Ryzen 7 because with the later the GPU keeps oscillating between 50-99% usage which drastically affects performance. Any ideas on how to fix this?