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RX580 crash on all games

Question asked by javi2308 on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2019 by jcjunior

Hello, first of all, I want to apologize for my english because its not my native lenguage so I will try to explain myself as best as possible.

I just upgraded to a rx580 from a r9270x, the thing is that, now, every game that I play usually crash during mid-game or have some artifacts, I have already tried to unisntall all previous drivers using ddu and installing the newest ones, but it doesn´t seems to help, the graphic card is a ASUS rx580 oc 8gb maybe it has something to do with the clock or the power limit?, anyway, I have apreciated that every game has a different response for example

-cs:go-doesn´t crash

-CoD BO3-crash mid game

-BF4-it crashed a lot during mid game and give me the error message "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" but it lloks like that it was fixed after installing the latest drivers

-gtav-crash whenever it wants (mostly at the begining) and gives the error message "ERR_GFX_D3D_INT"


I don´t have any progam like msi afterburner or fraps running at the same time or installed, I think the problem is related to the directx but I´m not sure, so any advice can be helpfull

Thanks from advance and sorry again for my english.

System specs:


-GYGABYTE z170x-ultragaming

-16GB RAM DDR4  2133mhz

-Asus RX580 OC 8GB DDR5

-power supply:750W