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ADL is not retrieving correct eyefinity configuration. What can I do?

Question asked by bkane521 on Aug 9, 2017

I've written code largely based on the example code (the project called Eyefinity).  When I compile and run the example, it returns all zeroes for one of the Displays values, just as I've seen in another question here.  I figured maybe it could be a logic flaw in the example code, but after spending a lot of time writing my own, I can see that although my displays are in a 2x1 eyefinity group with totaly resolution 3840x1080, for one of the displays calling ADL_Display_Modes_Get returns only one mode that says the XRes is 640, YRes is 480, and XPos is -640.  This is clearly erroneous, and my application is critically dependent on being able to query the current display set up...The other question pointing this out is two years old and unresolved. Any chance this is going to be fixed or are we hopeless here?