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there is are crash with new driver 17.7.2  and overwatch.

Question asked by joostje on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2017 by sylly015

Hey amd,


since i have updated to driver 17.7.2 overwatch crashes random with the error code : overwatch rendering device has been lost.

and makes the game unplayble i tried other games they all work fine.

so i was thinking what could it be since i have a new pc and happend after the update.

so i roled back to driver 17.7.1 and no crashes what so ever.

there is a lot of hate on amd on the overwatch forum because they dont know how to fix it.

i hope u can look into it and fix it next update


my new pc specs

ryzen 1700 3.9 ghz <3333333333

16gb ddr4 3000

r7 370 (base clock, never overclocked btw) and 6 months old

brand new windows 10


the error was happening again when i updated to the new driver 17.7.2

sorry for my bad english i never made a post like this but because i love amd for years now i hope i can give u bit back like this and u will fix this.

if u want more info etc feel free to ask me


kind regards

joost vrolijk


Here is the link what the error is on overwatch (so u know what kind of error it is)

Your rendering device has been lost. - Overwatch Forums