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    Difference between Asus PRIME B350-PLUS vs Asus STRIX B350-F GAMING


      From website to website the full length details of each mobo seem to change.
      How can I possibly decide between the two?
      No information on which is the newest.
      Does one have more features?
      Is one less good in quality or a revised of the other?

      Both are Asus.


      I end up with different information depending where I'm looking, does anyone have the actual charts from amd?
      I fear even AMD ASUS would get mixed up with their information.


      I'm stuck and can't decide.
      I know Prime plus had some problems in it's early time but now it works like a charm.
      What about Strix? It has better review but is it because it came after and had the bios update unlike Prime plus?


      (While adding tag the Strix B350=F doesn't even exist...)