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    Asus Rx460 Freezes When Playing Games



      I'm having issues with my Asus STRIX Rx460 Radeon 4gb. This started a couple days ago, where it would crash once I start playing a game. When I play CS:GO, I can join a server and play for a little while, until it freezes and there is a buzzing noise coming out of my headset. I have to force restart it after this. I have looked everywhere and tried many suggestions, including turning off additional sound drivers, etc. but nothing works. I've had it setup this way for about 6 months, never had a problem. Not sure what I downloaded/did to make this start happening except for starting to play cs:go. The graphics card doesn't get overheated or anything.



      Intel I5-6500 @ 3.20 GHz

      Fatality Gaming Z170 Motherboard

      16GB Ram, two four gigs of one brand, two of the other.

      Thermaltake 750w PSU 80 Bronze Rating

      1TB Western Digital HDD