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Samsung Desktop System G41 lga 775 with Intel E5700 can't install driver for Sapphire RX550 Pulse 4gb win7 or win10 64 bit

Question asked by iking on Aug 9, 2017

Hello guys. I have a problem with VGA.

My rig are

1. Motherboard Samsung Desktop System LGA774

2. Intel E5700

3. Ram 4gb Kingston

4. HDD 640gb Toshiba

5. Psu Thermaltake TR2 S 450W


My PC are using OS win7 64bit

After install windows and driver for motherboard. I plug the VGA, after restart using HDMI my screen going like this IMG_20170809_131048.jpg


I try to install the driver crimson 17.xx i forget. Then the screen still like that and at Device Manager already detect that was RX550. Try to detect with GPU-Z it detected.

And then after 1 or 3 min use, some word are show at my screen. I don't know that mean..

Maybe anyone can help me. Thanks



Ps : i try at my friend computer using i7 ivy bridge series it doesn't matter and works normally..

Is that mean my motherboard aren't support?