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    Samsung Desktop System G41 lga 775 with Intel E5700 can't install driver for Sapphire RX550 Pulse 4gb win7 or win10 64 bit


      Hello guys. I have a problem with VGA.

      My rig are

      1. Motherboard Samsung Desktop System LGA774

      2. Intel E5700

      3. Ram 4gb Kingston

      4. HDD 640gb Toshiba

      5. Psu Thermaltake TR2 S 450W


      My PC are using OS win7 64bit

      After install windows and driver for motherboard. I plug the VGA, after restart using HDMI my screen going like this IMG_20170809_131048.jpg


      I try to install the driver crimson 17.xx i forget. Then the screen still like that and at Device Manager already detect that was RX550. Try to detect with GPU-Z it detected.

      And then after 1 or 3 min use, some word are show at my screen. I don't know that mean..

      Maybe anyone can help me. Thanks



      Ps : i try at my friend computer using i7 ivy bridge series it doesn't matter and works normally..

      Is that mean my motherboard aren't support?