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Game crashes and freezes, tried many solutions. Amd r9 m275 or 275x?

Question asked by britneynini on Aug 8, 2017


the crashes happen when it was this year on January. I used windows 8 on that time so I thought it could be my windows problem, so I updated to windows 10 but it still happens the same. For some reason, the crashes keep come and go. Even if I solved the problem, playing games without even 2 weeks it happens again. I also thought it could be my hardware problem, brought to shop and ask technician about it. Twice, there are no problem with my graphic card and other hardware. I've even tried formatting, but still couldn't last playing for 2 weeks. Tried reinstall driver, insert TdrDelay registry, uninstall google and others. I just couldn't figure anymore, maybe you guys have any ideas what's wrong with it? By the way, is there any difference with R9 M275 and M275x? Does it related to RAM as well?


windows 10 built 15063.483 64 bit

laptop Lenovo y40-80

ram 4 GB DDR3

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz

Amd r9 m275x 2gb

Radeon Crimson Software Ver.17.7.2