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Fury X HDCP, with portrait eyefinity and HDMI monitors (through adapters)

Question asked by hafoc on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by zananzelm

Hey there people,


So I've just switched from some native display port monitors to some HDMI on my Fury X's.... I'm trying to get HDCP working but I'm not having a lotta luck here.


Relevant specs

CPU 5960x

AMD Fury X (2x crossfire)

3x HP neo blade iii (connected through HDMI)

3x Plugable Active DisplayPort


So the cards, monitors, and adapters all say they support HDCP, but in my Radeon driver settings I see that HDCP is disabled. Also there are a couple test tools for HDCP and they say I have a digital connection but no HDCP HDCP (GPU/Display) : Digital (without HDCP)


I've just updated the drivers to 17.7.2 of what ever the latest are

I just ordered another set of display port adapters that state they fully support converting DP to HDMI2 with HDCP support? but I'm kinda just grasping at straws here.


I'll probably try just running one monitor on the native HDMI port, and then one on the DP adapter as tests.   Even if those tests work I'm not really sure what that will tell me about why this config doesn't work though.


Thanks for any help in advance!