RX460 clockspeed Stuck

Discussion created by theprocastinator on Aug 7, 2017
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I have recently acquired a laptop with a A10-9630p and a RX 460 for a laptop. by recently i mean at the beginning of July. Anyway after days of testing and playing around I have found a problem in my laptop that I cannot fix. You see, my laptop's GPU came underclocked at 1053 MHz, it's supposed to be at 1180 MHz but it never comes close to that. I contacted AMD and they said that I haven't installed the new drivers. I install them but I cannot open radeon settings, my GPU has a "danger" sign in device manager and there is no update for windows. The only driver I can run is the 17.1.1 version, even that driver changed the name of my gpu to RX 560 instead of RX 460. AMD then told me to contact my manufacturer (Dell)  and they just hung up on me halfway through the conversation.


I later decided to OC my GPU since the clockspeed is too low and the temp was always under 50 degrees C so it had some room to spare. I OCed to 1080 MHz and it was doing just fine and the temp was at 53 degrees C. I later brought it up to 1100 MHz and it was doing well until one day where it decided to stay at 214 MHz and never move even at full load. My GPU is now stuck and I think the community knows more than the people who make laptops so I'm trusting you. Yes YOU, you the great person taking your time to read this post to maybe help this lost man, you might be the reason that will let me play games again so please help me in anyway you can. Weather it's a way to use the new 17.7.2 drivers on my laptop, or increase the clock speed to normal or fix MSI afterburner. Anyway you can help is appreciated and I will be forever grateful to anyone who can help me.


Thank you