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AMD A10-7860k Processor with Radeon R7 240. Dual graphics? Crossfire?

Question asked by raziel1641 on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by amdmatt

I recently bought a computer that has an AMD A10-7860k CPU, which has an integrated GPU as part of the A-series of AMD processors.

A friend of mine also gifted me his Radeon R7 240, and I was wondering if I could install it and get it to work together with the integrated graphics card, and make use of both in a way that improves performance. I looked into crossfire and dual graphics but I want to be absolutely sure before I try anything. Dual Graphics seems like the most likely option to work.


But either way, the questions are: Is it possible? How do I go about doing it, and do I have to install any software to make it work? Will performance improve?


For additional info, I have an msi A68HM-E33 V2 motherboard.

Thank you very much!