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    Recent drivers break Break Blood Bowl game


      I recently installed Radeon 17.7.2 drivers, and found one of my favourite games Blood Bowl Chaos Ed. (released Oct 2012 on Steam), can't function.
      So I reverted back to 17.4.4 and it ran fine.  I would like to use new drivers, but I can't.


      I play games on computers in part because I value backwards compatibility (also the games are more interesting).

      Right now, I'm on a Radeon HD 7850, which has shown me good service. I'd like to build a new system eventually when money allows, and this cursed coin mining craze dies down a bit *fingers crossed*.

      However, I may still want to play Blood Bowl on a new system.. and if the game is broken on an HD 7850, with the latest drivers, there's a good chance it'll still break on a new GPU, which will actually need the latest drivers to work optimally.


      I don't like the business practices of the other side, but I also want to play my older steam games like Blood Bowl.


      Is there any way to finesse this problem?