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    Power Saving Locked applications in AMD Switchable Graphics


      A number of applications show up as locked with AMD switchable graphics (e.g. Windows media player, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many others) and I can't seem to unlock them to use my high performance card.


      My Default card is an HD8650G, and my high performance one is an HD8970M,


      Any way to fix this?

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          No, there is not. The integrated graphics by design is used for the daily web-surfing and OGL applications. This is, of course a power saving feature...which all laptops are built around. Some high end laptops have the option to change the graphics from 'dynamic' or 'switchable' to 'fixed' or 'static'  in the bios which forces the laptop to use only the discrete graphics card for everything. Which uses more battery. If your bios doesn't have that option, your manufacturer may have a bios update, and could add that option.

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              Thanks for the response Kingfish.


              Web surfing, and (not sure what OGL applications is, but I assume you mean media players?) should be able to be used by my higher end graphics card. Not really wanting to watch a movie on my low end (dedicated) graphics card.


              Sure, of course this is an obvious power saving feature, but it's not much of a feature if you can't turn it off when plugged in (which I am 95% of the time.) That's not a feature, that's a restriction.


              Although it's true laptops are meant to be able to function on battery, many, like mine are also dedicated gaming (and other high GPU intensive applications) devices. Not all of us can afford both a high end lap top, and desk top. Some of us (like my self) have to alternate between the two as far as purching, and don't have unlimited disposable income (if any.) None the less we expect the products we buy (perhaps even more than those with disposable income) to actually work, and live up to their ability (and what they were sold as.)


              I will contact my manufacture (CyberPowerPC) about a bios update.

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              One solution is to rename the exe files, which should allow you to add them in the Switchable Graphics settings and freely set the profile to "High Performance". See this answer on another thread: https://community.amd.com/message/2840430#comment-2840430


              However, for anyone encountering issues after renaming certain exe files (e.g. renaming chrome.exe gave me an M7121-1331 error on Netflix), I found a potential solution which avoids having to rename the file. This fix worked for my Radeon RX Vega M GL (Radeon Settings Version 2018.0911.1425.25970) and hopefully works for other cards/versions as well.

              1. Do not rename chrome.exe. Browse for the original file and add it in the Switchable Graphics settings as if it were a new executable. This will not add a new item in the Installed Profile Applications list, but in my case this changed the profile of the locked chrome.exe from "Power Saving" to "Not Assigned" (though still locked).
              2. Make sure that your power options (under "Advanced Power Settings") have Switchable Dynamic Graphics set to "Maximize performance" (and not e.g. "Optimize Performance"). (https://i.stack.imgur.com/YBBBQ.jpg)
              3. Relaunch chrome.exe. The Radeon settings now displays chrome.exe as "High Performance" when the application is running (and switches back to "Not Assigned" when not running).



              Hope this helps.