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    Threadripper Usb 3.0 Audio Interface



      I iam thinking about to go Threadripper for making music without bottlenecks

      with  DAW  called Presonus Studio One 3(Saw with Ryzen7 and multithread was supported 8cores/16threads detected and demanding plugins get boost which i liked )


      I own usb 3.0 interface called Zoom Uac-2 ive asked them about compatibility with Zen series - no response (1month)

      Offical info (that was made before Zen series)



      OS: Windows® 7 SP1 or later / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32bit/64bit)

      CPU: Intel® Core i3 or faster*

      USB: USB 3.0/USB 2.0**

      * Operation is not guaranteed with CPUs from Atom, Celeron or Pentium series or CPUs made by AMD.

      ** Only USB host controllers with Intel Chipsets are supported. Operation is not guaranteed when used with USB hubs or expansion cards



      No single information- why this happen,

      can driver makes a problem or what?


      I would like to make it work but i have concerns about:

      1) I get it working with TR4 platform now?

      2)Which Producer of motherboard  will have best usb connectors/drivers and which i should pick form audio productions to get possible lowest DPC realtime latency in your opinion?

      There are lack of info,that's iam here today and really need answers beacuse Amd change everything

      3) I heard there are problem with multicore processors with more than logical 14 cores with Win10 (MMCSS) i would like to buy 16 Core verison of TR

      4) No nvme Raid makes me sad,but it acceptable beacuse of ram space (Kontakt Library sounds)


      Please help i really don't want buy Intel but if there issues with Audio...

      Dispel my doubts and i will get TR4.

      Wish you Best!

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          This is a question that you should be asking the maker of the device in question. CPUs don't support USB x.x. It's the motherboard and chipset drivers. If you look at the excluded CPUs, it could be because performance sucks on those items, and the device vendor just doesn't want to mess around with people complaining about issues trying to run it on toasters. Only they would know if there is a real reason to limit it to only Intel.


          1. No idea.

          2. I assume most are going to use the same chipset + ASMedia. I do not know which one will be best. I thought they would all be equal.

          3. I do not know.

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              Thanks for the answer,i have tried today and get answer from Zoom Corp.

              Sorry AMD:( Not this time i have 0 support from producers of audio equipment with Zen or any AMD Cpu.

              They didnt even test on your platform and trying do something with this..

              So this isn't Cpu for Enthusiast like me for now,iam really dissapointed.