Just a question about recommended PSU for rx vega 64 (newbie here)

Discussion created by acheche on Aug 6, 2017
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Hello guys, im a newbie here. i just have some question regarding recommended PSU for Rx Vega 64
i have Evga 650w platinum rate, i wonder if rx vega 64(prefer water cool if not i can settle for air cool) can handle my psu,


Here is my build:

i5 6600k+cooler master d92
Asus z170A
ripjaws 4 16gb 2400mhz
Evga 650w(platinum rate)


i already own a Freesync monitor 1440p 144hz benq xl2730z i just want to pair it with vega.

also Does rx vega 64 can handle 1440p 144hz?