Bootcamp, AMD FirePro D700 and pretty much everything crashing.

Discussion created by sonoiosonoqui on Aug 7, 2017

I've searched everywhere in the forum but I was not able to find a solution for my problem:


I have a Bootcamp Partition on my Mac Pro (12 Core, 64GB RAM, Dual AMD FirePro D700), I've installed the drivers but when I play any videogame it suddenly crashes when I'm opening the inventary.


Wandering on the web it seems that others had the same problem and they solved it upgrading the drivers to its latest.


That's where I have the problem:

I see that an updated version of the driver is up, but when I launch the updater it says that i'm up to date. I can't find a way to update to the latest firmware, not even downloading the driver separately from the installer and exe the stand alone one.


What can I do?