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    Vulkan : Request


      I figure id start this with a questions.An ask AMD on this subject.Because many games are still being benchmarked using nVidia's code an their blackbox garbage to mess games up an make them unplayable.I request this to AMD.(honestly you should just hire me.).


      What games would you like make to use the Vulkan?

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          I am bringing this up because i have my own request an it would be faster to just name all the games an have them fixed in one fail swoop.Preventing Nvidia from re-optimizing games.This would reflect bad on them.But if games where made to use Vulkan which is easy to make them compatible,they would then be more welcomed for benchmarks.So instead of hiring multiple crews.You get ONE crew to do all of the optimizations.Bam! Games fully optimized. Both Nvidia and AMD users are happy.But not only that.People can see the benchmarks an say.That card is better.An buy more AMD.

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              I want more Games to support DX12 & Vulkan, because DX11 sucks...


              We should really have support for DX Choice, or something...


              So we can just choose which one we want to use in Game... ~_~

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                The requested games are still Fallout 4.Because with mods we will be playing it for years.

                Skyrim Special Edition.With it now being 64bit.I cant say no to that.

                Assassins Creed Brotherhood,Assassin's Creed Syndicate,and Assassin's Creed Origins

                The Witcher 3.Yeah you knew this was coming.

                Batman:Arkham Knight an any new Batman games coming out.

                Darksouls III. Reason why is on laptops the performance is HORRIBLE!

                Black Desert Online

                Tom Clancy's The Division For benchmarking. Yes people still use this.

                Crysis 3.

                Destiny 2 specifically to boost console version.Which is also an AMD product.Fix that an people will take notice.

                ArmA 3

                Skull and Bones :This needs to be 60fps before release on Consoles an PC.

                God of War 4.It reeks of 30fps.You fix that an you have a big advantage to customers.

                Antherm is the only game people seem to support during the E3 so best get in with them.

                At this point i will include a video :

                DO NOT Support Beyond Good & Evil 2.DO NOT DO IT! Reason why is i have seen games like this.You do NOT want to support that type of game.It will make you look bad! TRUST ME ON THIS!

                Days Gone: This game will require decent performance.Getting in on that will profit.

                Ignore State of Decay.it will not profit.

                Spiderman for PS4 may be profitable but i`m not sure.May want to take it in.See if you can touch it up.

                Farcry 5 Will be profitable.Need to optimize that for AMD users.

                AD Infinitum looks like a blurry mess.They did this to hid the fact its 30fps.You can optimize this.

                Conarium It was so 30fps you can see some many residual images.It unplayable! You can do this one an get buyers.

                Frost Puck seems to require an GTX 1070 to play it.I see no infomation on AMD use.This may be a Gameworks only title.Please optimize it.

                That is.Nothing else in these videos i would back or support due to the average gamer would be bored in a short period of time an move on to another game.They all have interesting concepts.But nothing that would keep a person playing for weeks on end.they would become bored very quickly.

                15 INSANE New Single Player Games Coming in 2017 & 2018 | Upcoming Games on PS4 Xbox One PC - YouTube


                16 MASSIVE Open World Games coming in 2017 & 2018 | Upcoming Games on PS4 Xbox One PC - YouTube

                You need to stay ahead of the game.Find these games an convert them to use the new API before release.Nvidia will try to counter them by slowing down their performance.But before they do you need to get in there an make it impossible for Nvidia to change it for AMD.


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                Ashes of the Singularity


                If you are interested ... Ashes of the Singularity is now available on Vulkan. Obviosly it is already on DX12 and DX11.

                Info here: https://forums.ashesofthesingularity.com/484489/Escalation-24-Update?sf106690939=1