Ryzen Bug Hangs & Resets Linux (UPDATE: Threadripper & EPYC NOT Affected)

Discussion created by black_zion on Aug 5, 2017


AMD confirms Linux "performance marginality problem" on Ryzen - The Tech Report

AMD Confirms Linux Performance Marginality Problem Affecting Some, Doesn't Affect Epyc / TR - Phoronix

AMD was also able to confirm this issue is not present with AMD Epyc or AMD ThreadRipper processors, but isolated to these early Ryzen processors under Linux. We will also now be receiving Threadripper and Epyc hardware for testing to confirm their Linux state. Their analysis has also found that these Ryzen segmentation faults aren't isolated to a particular motherboard vendor or the like, contrary to rumors/noise online due to the complexity of the problem.






Phoronix was able to get the errors with SMT disabled, so SMT isn't the issue with Linux at least, FreeBSD may be a second issue.


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