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AMD i want a ThreadRipper for this.Bitcoin advice

Question asked by warsun on Aug 5, 2017
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Yeah let me make it clear.They did this sort of thing in World of Warcraft.Where they would by up all the Ore from the Auction house an sell it back at a higher price.You can do one of two things to fix this.This is my Advice. <--- THREADRIPPER ADVICE! Since you followed my advice before. Anyway.


You have to flood the market,yeah.That's what you have to do.You have to put out two types of graphics cards.The High End an Mid range graphics cards.An flood the market with them.


This is a retaliation from nVidia and Intel.They are working together on this.The goal is to have the market buy up all of YOUR graphics cards.Not theirs.Theirs stay about the same price.

Example: The GTX 1050 Ti and the RX 560 are about the same price.The RX 560 is going $160.23 to $134.99 That's a bit high.Why is it high? Because Nvidia's card is $144.98 to 173.98.The idea here is to keep the prices just about the same price.Close enough to their prices so they sell more Nvidia cards.Its a trick.This has nothing to do with bitcoin.They know they cant sell their cards due to the price an are buying up YOUR graphics cards an putting them back up at a higher price to make sure they are just high enough that you will get the Nvidia card instead.


Example 2:The GTX 1070 which is High End or Mid range give or around $434.99 US.Where they are trying to sell the AMD RX 580 for $399.99 Close to that of nVidia's price.Well here is what you do.Lower your price to $229.99 Its not a big loss or anything.Its more of a sale price.Push out a lot of them.nVidia and Intel will try to force buy out the cards.


Explanation time.Lower your prices slightly.Then flood the market with them.At this point you are to sell quantity now.As many of the higher ends as you can sell.Get all of Nvidia's money.SELL the graphics cards you COULDN'T sell.Get as many Nano graphics cards and Fury X cards out there as you can.Vega cards as well.Flood the market with them.As long as you sell you profit.Get as much money from Nvidia as you can.This was their stupidest mistake! Make them PAY!


But be careful not to keep flooding.Slow down a a point.An hold off sales.Then wait.If they try it again.Sell! in World of Warcraft this ended up killing the old market ways an people had a what would be the equivalent of a stock market crash.They had cards they didn't know what to do with.An had to lower their prices or take a huge loss.Then make an announcement.Saying That's to the (Bitcoin sales) we are able to put out EVEN MORE graphics cards! They will throw up their hands at this point an give up.An the market will go back to normal.But YOU! You will have a huge profit.


I want to make it clear.This may be your only chance to make a profit an keep customers.Because this is not JUST about profit.This is about consumers AKA your customers not being able to get graphics cards.Yes Vega is great but they aren't buying up Vega.So sell the others.Do NOT push out tons of Vegas that would be costly.


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