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Second GPU on HD7990 not activating

Question asked by phraetus on Aug 6, 2017
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I know this is an older card now, but I can not for the life of me get the second GPU on the 7990 to actually kick in & earn it's keep.
It used to be fine & I would hear the card revving up & down, but more recently performance seems to have dropped, which led me to investigate a little further.


Monitoring on several different forms of software: the Radeon Settings Panel, CPUID HWMonitor & HWiNFO64 & in no situation does the second GPU activate.

Correction, only one, on load screen in Guild Wars 2. During those a load will spike briefly, but drop back to idle once back in game.
No other game I own that is compatible, seems to recognize & utilise the second GPU.
I have two monitors (one landscape & one Portrait) so monitoring what is happening while it's happening is very easy.
I have witnessed the primary GPU running at 100% while the secondary appears to do nothing.


I've been digging around for days trying to resolve this with no luck at all what so ever. I am aware that there have been others with similar issues with the same card on older drivers, but I'm not seeing anything on the more recent ones?

What I have tried:
Disabling ULPS. (With current driver though, there is no ULPS found in the registry to disable)
Force PCI-E slot to 3x rather than using the Auto config.
Full clean reinstall of drivers (17.7.2) using DDU in safe mode.

Messing with various power saving features from within Windows & on my Mother Board.
Changing profile settings with the Radeon Settings panel.
Altering powers settings in Global OverDrive.
And probably a few other things I am forgetting (was up until 4am tinkering with this last night).


Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Ver 1703, build 15063.483
i7-4770 @3.5
ASUS Maximus VII Ranger Mobo
Gigabyte HD7990
Various HDDs (WD 1TB Black & Samsung 128GB SSD being the primary game related drives)


DXDIAG attached below.


Games used in testing (official Profiles):

Guild Wars 2
Battlefield 1
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation (both DX11 & DX12)


What am I missing?