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A Bug of Readon Drivers(Very Rare)

Question asked by epoch_soc on Aug 5, 2017
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I'm an AMD video cards user from China.And I'm poor in speaking English so I might make some mistakes.

Some of the sentences is translated by softwares like google translate,etc.I'll mark them out.


Video Card:Radeon 7670m(for HP Pavilion g6)

OS:windows8(when crack happening)/8.1(now) x64


Some days ago,when I playing The Elder Scrolls V,the computer restart  and  I cannot get into Windows.There was a notice [video_tdr_failure(atikmpag.sys)].After trying a few times to fix drivers in safety pattern(and failed), I reset my system(with an iso of windows8.1)and found if I install AMD drivers(whatever the vision is,include the version in windows and version 12.1,the most stabilization version Chinese forum recommended),after restart the notice will appear and I cannot enter Windows.If I unistall the drivers ,I can enter windows but the video card won't work(0.9 fps in a test by Intel HD Graphics ).  After search the internet based on Chinese, I found they all said that's because the video card I'm using is breakdown.


However,after  I  download a file named atikmpag.sys and put it into syswow64(this way is not raised by any place),then uninstall the drivers in safety pattern,I can open computer and enter Windows with video card working (fps 15-25 in the same test).This is what the device manager noticed(the same as no drivers).



It means:Since Windows can't load the driver required for the device, the driver of the device's work exception (code 31) attempts to start a driver that is different from the driver for the POSTed display adapter.(Translated by softwares)

And it might because of the file atikmpag.sys i downloaded is not fit my video cards.


the install interface of catalyst


And now my problem is if I cannot install drivers ,  I cannot run some games fluency.(The Elder Scrolls 40fps ago ,1fps with inter card,10fps now , Starcraft II / Heroes of the Storm 60fps with high quality ago,3fps with inter cards and 20 fps with mideum quality now)


I think that(after install drivers I cannot enter Windows)'s because the install program cannot discern my video card of write files to system,how can I solve this problem?