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    Fps drops every 6 seconds with last drivers


      Hi guys, i have a problem with my R9 380 4GB. By last days i can't play with any games because every 6 second my gpu load drops to 0% and my fps goes by 60 to 0 for 1-2 seconds. I tried every solution. At least, i guess that i found the problem: drivers. I tried a 16.11.5 build and i hadn't these drops but others problems of gpu instability like crash of AMD settings app or freeze of some heavy games like R6S, i think that it's caused by old driver with new games. All of these games were tested on SSD and HDD, same ending. I tested that problem wasn't ram,hdd,sdd or mobo. Do you have a solution? A working build? Some settings?
      Thanks a lot!


      My RIG:
      GPU: R9 380 4GB MSI
      CPU: i5 4460
      RAM: 2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz Cl9 Corsair Value
      MoBo: Asrock B85m Pro4