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Any changes to clock speed results in flicker on second monitor

Question asked by fedecks on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2018 by zalphor

Hello, I have a set of 2 r9 280x's in crossfire I am trying to tweak, but as the title states any changes to clock speed results in the second screen having a flickering/shifting and screen tearing immediately even at idle. This happens whether the clock speed is turned up or down and no matter how incrementally, whether on both cards equally or on either card individually. I have tried changing it through the amd crimson panel alone as well as using afterburner, gpu tweak II and oc_guru. Looking at the gpu-z i see the primary card fluctuating between 300mhz and 500mhz clock constantly. I have tried turning power management in global settings to +20 as I had read that that turns off power management and might be the issue but still no fix. The second screen is hooked up through hdmi and the primary is vga, both on the primary card.


system specs are:

Intel 7600k at stock clock
(2x) Gigabyte 7970 ghz editions in crossfire, listed as 280x's under crimson drivers
Asus maximus IX hero mobo

8gb ddr4 2400 ram
256gb samsung 960 m.2 ssd