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BSOD with AMD Crimson ReLive 17.7.2

Question asked by artur.aragao on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by artur.aragao

I am having problems similar to some users and they are certainly associated with new drivers version 17.7.2 or some new functionality in them. Blue screen errors occurring in normal use, but in a situation that does not make much sense.

Catch every time I open a video on Twitter. This - But, funny that is not any video. Freeze, take a while until everything stops, wait a little longer and blue screen.


After what I saw here, and 3 sequential errors in the same way, I am convinced that the problem is with the new driver. I upgraded video codecs and everything and the problem persists the same way.


Other problems that occurred with these drivers:

- Monitor drizzling after returning from a Standby state;

- Chill with some games. In Street Fighter V was extremely slow. Deactivating returned to normal;

- Execution of videos in facebook and twitter locking the whole PC.


NOTE: I do not see driver optimizations for the game Street Fighter V. Mainly regarding the ALT + TAB feature that is very lenient after a game time. And I see it's a problem with ReLive's recording feature, because when we deactivate it, I can give an ALT + TAB without problems, but I can not record. This was true in previous versions. In this new one there was improvement in this, although it persists.