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Ryzen 5 1600 Issues - Low FPS with 1080 ti - Poor Performance

Question asked by jhimmelberg on Aug 4, 2017
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I recently built a new system and I've been having some problems. I've searched everywhere and have tried many things to no avail.


My system is:

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (stock speed and cooler)

MSI B350M Mortar

GTX 1080 ti (Gigabyte Gaming OC)

16 gb DDR4 (G.Sill NT 2400)


Samsung 960 EVO - 250gb M.2 ssd / 1tb Western Blue

1080p Dual Monitors


I originally had a RX-580 but it performed poorly, so I returned the card. I purchased a 1080 ti (I know it's overkill) to replace it, hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with the issues that I had previously. In-game I have low fps for my rig. League of Legends gets about 100 FPS when set to uncapped and PUBG floats around 60 FPS. A weird issue I've been having is I get the same FPS no matter what my in game settings are (low quality or ultra quality.) When benchmarking my CPU using passmark I scored a 5666 and the average for my CPU is 12372. I've tried updating the chipset and that seemed to have no effect on performance. Like I've said, I'm at a loss with what could be wrong with my PC. I appreciate any help that I can get.