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    Aozora Nine




      UPDATE 1.1: I received my new PSU and added some more fans on my Radiator, also, I re-did my cable management!









      I'll never be sure if that little thermometer is reliable, but it doesn't seem that off...


      Which temperature to rely? TCTL or the Motherboard CPU one? Either one, just looks cold at that clock!



      Here is a little run on CB with that overclock. The score at 1726 I got with both 3.333 and 3.200 Mhz on the ram. So the increase wasn't helpful...


      Sorry for the low quality on my pictures, not exactly a person that needs a decent camera.


      Well, now I just need to get myself a Vega GPU... But that isn't going to happen too soon...




      CPURyzen 7 1700 @3.9 Ghz/1.36Vcore (LLC2)
      CoolerCorsair H110i V2 (4x ML140)
      MotherboardAsrock X370 Taichi
      MemoryG. Skill 2X8GB 3200Mhz CL15 F4-3200C15D-16GTZKW (CL14, The Stilt's Safe Timings)
      GraphicsGTX 980 FE
      Disc Drive 1Kingston 120GB SSD (V400)
      Disc Drive 2Kingston 120GB SSD (V300)
      Disc Drive 3Seagate 2TB HDD
      PSUSeasonic Focus Plus Gold FX 750W
      CaseCorsair 400C
      MonitorLG 23' FHD 60hrtz
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          Looking forward to seeing your build come together! What are you going to use this rig for?

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            That's a nice clean build algray_solipso! Your CPU's T-Die temperatures are pretty damn low too! One tool I would add to your collection is Ryzen Master. I like it as it has been the most accurate for temperatures and for the occasional OC it's simple to use. In your case I would probably leave it (OC) as is and just use Ryzen Master to verify temperatures.


            I don't know if I would change anything on it as is - some minor accent lights like a short LED strip maybe? If you do end up changing to LED fans, make sure you get something rated equal to or better than the ones on your radiator. Right now with those kind of temperatures (and scores!), I wouldn't want to change anything to be honest! Other than that, when time/money allows, I would probably look into a Radeon RX Vega 56 too - that would be another massive boost for the system.


            Great job and congratulations on the build again!

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                Haha, true. I might add a led strip here. But I never walked this path, so, I don't know if I should be worried about something on those led strips. Quality or brand is something to worry about?


                Oh, the Vega 56... I really wish I had the "dosh" for one as soon as it goes out, but I went "big or home" with this build, and I decided to go "Big" thinking about my budget.


                Maybe I'll win a random giveaway somewhere, would love to make this build completely Red Team, but money won't allow me for a good while.

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                    You ARE on the Red Team now!


                    As for the LED strip, I like Cablemod's offerings - they have both standard and addressable RGB strips starting at 30cm, which would be great on top or the bottom on your case (or anywhere really). I don't see an addressable RGB option for this motherboard, so I'd probably go with the standard strips. You shouldn't need a controller since you can just plug it in directly to one of the RGB headers on the board itself and just control the colors through the ASRock app.

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                        Neat, just looked up, they do ship worldwide. 2 30CM RGB Led strips costs about 51 USD plus shipping.


                        The only sad thing about the Asrock Taichi..or well, maybe their motherboards or the application itself, it sometimes doesn't work properly. The onboard LED controls stop changing colors after you set it once or twice, needing to restart the application and sometimes the computer.


                        I also found those: http://www.pichau.com.br/fita-de-led-deepcool-rgb-350-com-controle-dp-led-rgb350 in a store here. 99 BRL is a tad cheaper than the 51 USD (That should convert to... about 160 BRL).


                        They also come with an external PSU and Control if I ever so wish to use them, I saw some decent stuff from DC, just not sure if they're that reliable. Although...it's just lights xD

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                            I'm sure ASRock will eventually work out the kinks like Asus and other vendors did (or are getting closer at least). The external controller option works too, but the reason I didn't recommend it is for space constraints - it may be hard to hide the controller boxes in that case, plus I don't like having another controller for syncing issues.

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                      LoL !!!! Traitor..using the GeForce card... Just kidding...nice build by the way. love the configurations.

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                          Thank you!


                          Ha, true that. I actually don't like the colors in there. Hoping that maybe, in the future, I can get a Vega 56 AIB, maybe Asus will make a Strix one, they always look so nice...


                          Well, in a distant future, as money became short after the upgrade XD

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                          great clean build  and a vega gpu would be nice but they all need to come down a little in price

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                            yeah sapphire makes great cards I have a r9 290 toxxic still running strong in my daughters pc i'm mostly waiting for the aftermarket coolers on vega for the looks well and no money cause holidays lol