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The reCAPTCHA is bugged when i try to connect to twich in relive

Question asked by flyingjudgement on Aug 2, 2017
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The reCAPTCHA screen is bugged unsolvable many times when i try to connect to twitch the whole right side of the find the (Bus, Bridge or Road signs ) is not clickable i have only 6 option from 9 on top if it loaded correctly the pictures arent clear either and deff option is a really really bad Joke its great for a drinking game its been recorded with a potato by a foreigner trying to read English the first time in its life. so after failing for half an hour i get this MSG and im locked out from the whole thing

(We're sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated queries)

i managed to get through 1 time than i copy the text it gave me (Coping with the mouse IS NOT WORKING)  than i pressed Control C V and did everything fine loged in it frozze and i restarted the whole computer and i got the MSG since then SOME ONE PLS HELP i cant take this any more XD


cleared cache changed browser to the new explorer dont know its name back to crome

updated the new driver


I cant connect ReLive to twich