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    Epyc, An Opteron Replacement?

      Socket SP3 is a crazy LGA for its 4094 (it could be interpreted as "dead, just die" in Chinese language), over too many pins, with a similar name resemble to the HP EPIC architecture.


      4 --> Shi, 死

      0 --> passed tense

      40 --> 死了,dead

      9 --> ku, 九,就, just

      4 --> Shi, 死,die


      Epyc --> EPIC, only with letter I changed with y, letter I and letter y both could pronounce the same sound!  

      EPIC --> Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing  


      Its seems this product is designed for the high-end server markets, so it might possibly take place of Opteron, as the Server form of AMD Ryzen processor. For its DdJD pin numbers, one might possibly wonder its extensible capabilities, such as how many processors would be support on a motherboard and so forth, but from the known specifications, it is quite terrible!