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Multi Monitor Black Screen and Pauses

Question asked by yoshimatsu414 on Aug 2, 2017
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I am on driver 17.7.2 and just recently connected my TV as a second monitor. I don't use it all the time so sometimes I make it so my PC only shows only one display. So if I want only my PC monitor to show I'll go to windows 10 settings and display then then select "show only on 1" in the drop down box for example.


With my monitor only showing and my TV is turned off (power and all), the GPU seems to "ping(?)" the TV every 10 to 60 seconds, I assume, because I get a freeze and a black screen for a second or sometimes longer as if the TV is getting reconnected. When I unplug the TV from the HDMI port completely this issue stops. This issue also happens the other way, when I have only the TV selected, the picture on the TV freezes and the PC monitor wakes up as if the GPU trying to reconnect to it for something reason. If I unplug the monitor or shut it completely off, this issue stops.


This is a little inconvenient, it there any solution for this issue? I didn't want to have to keep unplugging and reconnecting monitors.


btw there are DVI, HDMI and DP on my GPU. The TV is on HDMI and Monitor on DP.