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17.7.2 Virtual super resolution not supported

Question asked by smite on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by kiki

I have a R9 Fury connected to a Dell U3415W and have tried various real resolutions and cannot find a way to make use of virtual super resolution. I understand that wide resolutions are not supported but something seems off. No matter what I do it always shows "not supported". this includes trying going all the way down to 1080p.


The reason i am trying to enable is to get more accurate test results for steam VR. My current results are very low, saying that it is due to my graphics card needing to be updated. Clearly this is not the case. After tons of research I found several recommendations including resetting Crimson settings to default, deleting/resetting shader cache, this is the only thing recommended that I have left to try that has been suggested to fix this issue yet I am not able to since it states it is not supported.


Thanks for any suggestions.