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    How to use properly Freesync ?


      I just bought one LG monitor who has Freesync (40hz-75hz range) and i was wondering how i should properly use freesync . Should i activate vsync in-game , and use freesync with vsync , or should i limit my fps to 74 via rivatuner and leave only freesync on (if i limit my fps to 75 then i'm getting some tearing) ? Also the new driver adds enchanced sync , and that is making me even more confused . Can someone tell me how to use properly freesync please ?! HELP

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          Turn on Freesync in the monitor's OSD, check Freesync is enabled in Radeon Settings display section, and enable Enhanced Sync.

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              Thank you so much man ! I just did some tests myself , and i found out that limiting your fps to 75 , and turning on enchanced sync is the best way to use freesync , as you are not getting any tearing or suttering , while minimizing the input lag (vsync added a little bit of input lag while using with freesync)  . Also , in some esports titles like cs:go i prefer to don't use a frame-rate limiter , as the input lag is way better at high fps (300fps) with enchanced sync . So yeah guys , for anyone who doesn't know how to properly use freesync , i recommend to cap your fps at 75 while having enchanced sync enabled.


              P.S. Later i found out that when your fps is below the freesync's range is recommendable to use vsync + enchanced sync , as vsync is completely removing tearing , while enchanced sync is minimizing the suttering . Yeah , of course you will still have increased input lag due to vsync , but at least it makes the gameplay more enjoyable when you are below your freesync range . Hope this info will help !

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              Frame rate control does operate with Free sync, but in my experience it leads to some huge frame time fluctuations. You can use rivatuner and MSI afterburner to limit the frame rate as well and in my experience it works better, or if the game has an adaptive vsync option you can just use this.

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