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    Latest 390 drivers fail with 3d blu ray for me


      3D blu ray does not work anymore with the latest driver for my desktop 390 card. The latest whql driver for AMD R9 390 Windows 7 x64 [whql-win7-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.7.2-july27] does not let me watch blu rays with my set up.


      Reverting to an older driver (my previous driver was 16.12.2 solves the problem. My main monitor is display port. Secondary is a 3d projector Epson tw9300 via receiver Yamaha a3060 connected to the AMD 390 desktop card via HDMI. It works fine with the older driver but with the new driver, PowerDVD 17 fails to send the receiver/projector the signal, which appears to be routed elsewhere (towards monitor 1?) even though my main monitor (which is not 3d capable) is switched off.  


      If anyone can flag this, or see if this happens to them that would be great. I'm aware support for 3d is diminishing, but what is perplexing is that it still appears to be sending the 3d stream as I've been able to view the interface in 3d for a few seconds, but only after the initial (presumably hdmi) handshake has failed, preventing the movie from playing at all.


      I'm curious to know if anyone else is affected in the same way or if this might be an easy driver fix?

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          How is your Projector connected to the Receiver (HDMI?). On my computer, I have my Receiver connected via HDMI from the video card and the Monitor connected via HDMI to the Receiver.


          In Display setting, can you make your Projector the Main viewing Monitor?

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              Hi, thanks.


              Yes it's hdmi from source (pc), to receiver to projector.  I made the projector the main monitor for testing. Usually I just use Winkey+P to swap, and turn off my Dell u3014 monitor (displayport connection, also with sound, but not default sound so receiver becomes priority device when hdmi connection is active) when watching 3d blu ray else Powerdvd has a tantrum about there being a non-3d display connected.


              I did see 3d output at one point with the newer driver as mentioned, but I think the output is being sent elsewhere for some reason, even though there are no other monitors visible at that point?


              I reverted back to the older driver as mentioned and it works fine regarding 3d blu ray. I went through email support and they advised me to use an older driver for now, and wait for an update to current new drivers.


              I think I am having some problems with the one I reverted to - random explorer glitches etc; it's not whql so I guess I will try the last 16.x driver and report back. Thanks again. 

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              Bumping this as I have the same issue and it's persisting with the October drivers.


              I also have an issue on the drivers where 3D blu-rays actually play, some of them have this weird blocky corruption. This primarily effects 3D discs from Sony Pictures (so, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and a few others that I have). This actually started with a driver set from 2013. Anything newer than 13-12_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql.exe, iirc (can't downgrade to those drivers to double check because they predate the R9 architecture).


              My system specs:

              Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

              AMD FX-6300

              Radeon R9 380x

              16 GB RAM


              Single output, HDMI to receiver to TV, no additional monitors. Using Corel WinDVD 11.


              userduzer are you on Windows 7 or 10?

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                  Hi there, dkesserich, I'm on Windows 7 home 64bit. I am still using the last whql 16.10.1 driver and occasionally get glitches as you mention but it is only occasionally. I was thinking of picking up a standalone unit that can play 3d backups as I dislike using the discs. Something like a zidoo. I might just switch graphics cards if that would work...

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                      Hm. It'd be nice if we could get confirmation from somebody if these issues also occurs on Windows 10. I'm planning to build a new Ryzen based system next month (with a Vega card to follow) and it'd be nice to know if I should keep my secondary 750ti in that system, or just buy a standalone 3D capable blu-ray player second hand.


                      The corruption is definitely a driver level issue, as it also affected the 6950 I had.

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                    Update: Playing back my actual 3d discs rather than their 3d iso backups seems to solve some problems. I'm going to test the latest drivers soon and see if it still works as well.


                    Apparently software players have issues with seamless branching discs if they are not reading the actual discs. There are workarounds but the easiest one is to just use the discs themselves.

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                      I have the same problem with a 280x, my stand alone bluray player is broken, i want to use my pc but bluray 3d works only with old driver, 16.12.2 works perfectly.

                      If i upgrade only 2d bluray works, any idea to fix this problem?