Custom fan curve settings for wattman please!

Discussion created by azuresky- on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by ray_m

Hello, i want to know if you are planning to add custom fan curves for wattman, i have the latest driver version 17.7.2 but any OC app (that also control fan curves) crashes with the new driver, so im stuck with the bad performance custom version included on wattman, i need custom fan curves so i can set the rpm to a speed when X Temperature and so on, also every card is different in that aspect, in my case my card makes some vibration noises at a certain speed (52% mostly) but i can override it with custom fan profiles, its not the case with the default wattman fan profiles, the card stays with fans off at 50+ C when i could be using it in a practically noiseless 40% speed that makes it stay at 27-32 C. Also the performance in games is increased with custom fan profiles (since its more stable)


In other words, create custom fan curves configuration for wattman, we only need basic ones (you can see examples in trixx custom option or msi afterburner fan customization)