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    RX480 Error 43 Help?


      Hey all. I just put together a custom build with a Ryzen R5 1600 on an ASRock AB350 Pro 4 motherboard. My graphics card is a RX480, the Sapphire Nitro+ version. It boots fine, and the GPU puts up the basic windows display without a problem. However, it's only working on Windows Basic Display Adapter ability, I think. In device manager, it is constantly plagued by an error 43 message. I have installed all the drivers from AMD, including AMD's chipset drivers, the display drivers for the 480, and an all-in-one driver set from ASRock for the motherboard.


      I have searched for the answer quite thoroughly and done every permutation I can think of. I have used DDU, I have used the AMD unistaller, I have uninstalled from control panel. I have installed drivers without internet, without windows defender on. Safe mode installations manual driver installations from device manager. I am worn of all the ways I have tried to get this to work for the past 24 hours.


      I am hoping you can help me. I must admit that I am somewhat desperate. I thank you in advance for your help.

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          Hi eepaziii, i had the same problem some months ago. As i figured out , i think error 43 has to do with driver problems in gpus. What helped me to fix the issue, was to uninstall with DDU every driver i had (also delete AMD and NVIDIA files) in safe mode, had installed Ccleaner and run some tests on registry and then install the 16.11.5 hotfix driver. I couldn't use newer driver, but had no problem with that one, basically every problem i had, was fixed with this one. I think it's worth it to try it, i hope i helped . If it works well and you want, try to update to newer version, it may work after you are done with hotfix (although it didn't in my case).



          Link for driver:


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            Actually its down to third party sellers putting their own bios in the cards to OVERCLOCK mainly ATI.

            First you must find where you card came from, get GPU-Z and copy/paste (device id) settings: 4 x 4 numbers into your browser and search.

            Then compare it with a bare bones setting of the card with the one above that will tell you it has been overclocked or not?

            Because the bios of the overclocked card is third party it will only work with certain drivers so.

            The fix is to flash the bios back to the factory original.

            I have found over 800 people with the same problem.

            Find bios here

            VGA Bios Collection _ TechPowerUp

            Flash software here

            Download AMD_ATI ATIFlash _ TechPowerUp

            Flash at your own risk.

            if it fails ie bricks, use another card as primary and put bricked card in secondary and flash.