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MSI Shows How to Install AMD’s Threadripper CPU

Question asked by kingfish on Aug 1, 2017
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MSI Shows How to Install AMD's Threadripper CPU - ExtremeTech

AMD’s Threadripper CPU is a significant departure from any mount system the company has used before. And if you’re planning to buy one of these chips, we’d strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the process before you begin.

Here’s why: For over a decade, AMD has used basically the same mounting system for its CPUs. The heatsink locks down over the chip with a pair of prongs with 1-3 hooks on each side of the core. The dimensions of the socket changed so little over that time, you could use coolers that date back to the original Athlon 64 on AM3+ motherboards (provided they were rated for the CPUs TDP, of course).

AM4 slightly adjusted the ratio. But Threadripper? Threadripper tosses out that rulebook altogether.

The new TR4 socket packs 4,094 pins and is AMD’s first LGA (Land Grid Array) product for its consumer hardware division. The socket’s physical dimensions are identical to Epyc’s, even if the name is different (TR4 for Threadripper, SP3 for Epyc). MSI has released a video showing how you install a Threadripper CPU and the steps involved in doing so.

MSI® HOW-TO Install AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU (TR4 Socket) - YouTube