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17.7.2 Poor performance and crashes

Question asked by roxor on Jul 31, 2017
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I have been running lots of issues with this new driver so I have reverted to the 17.71 version until the new driver comes out (17.3.3).


I have seen a lot of reports regarding these issues on the steam discussion forums for some games, for me No Man´s Sky is constantly crashing and with low fps (I know the game has issues but this did not happen to me in the past), the new driver broke Hearts of Iron 4 for me (literally game freezes when trying to start a new game, reverting to 17.7.1 solved the issue) and finally World of Warcraft with also lower fps and performance. The thing that frightens me is the so called WHQL certification of a driver more broken than a non certified one. I will never again update an AMD driver again when it has just released.



- Win 10 Pro

- amd 480 gpu

- Intel Core i5-6500

- 8gb RAM

- Asrock h110m-hdv