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How to Rotate some of the display but no them all with eyefinity

Question asked by aegisrox on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by amdmatt

Hi, nice to meet you all, I'm new in the forum and would love some assitance on a particular installation we want to achieve.


We are installing a 3x2 videowall using the Eyefinity utitlity to make a Single Large Surface of 5760x2160 resolution, but the trouble is that the workers installed the top round row  inverted180 degrees.


I'm aware that with Eyefinity all the display work as a single display, but we are really on trouble with this. Could exist the chance from catalyst or from another software to rotate only the top three display  180 degrees individually (each of them) keeping the Single Large Surface?


Our Configurations is

* 1x AMD Radeon VisionTek HD 7870 withsix mini display port outputs

* 6x Noblex TV Display

* Windows 10 Pro

* Intel Core i7 processor

* Gygabyte Motherboard


Thanks in advance for your support.




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