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VP9 Decoding on RX 580

Question asked by anam on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by hotrith

580nitro가 마음에 들어서 구입했는데, 잘쓰고있따가 유튜브 4k 60fps hdr 시청하려고 했는데 VP9가 지원하지 않아 cpu점유율이 너무 높아진다


vp9가 오픈 소스라는데 왜 지원을 안해주는가 . 난 580이 vp9지원 안한다는걸 알고 충격에 빠졌다



google Translation


I bought 580nitro because I liked it, but I was writing well and I tried to watch YouTube 4k 60fps hdr but VP9 does not support it and the cpu share is too high



Why does not vp9 support open source? I was shocked to know that 580 does not support vp9


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