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how to set 17.7.2 on 60hz monitor ?(i think amd users need knowing about new driver step by step)

Question asked by narimanjason on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by narimanjason

hi guys .. my english is not very good sorry about this

gpu=asus rx 470strix 4gb

monitor=60 hz lg

cpu=core i3 4160

motherboard = asus h81m-c

display drive 17.7.2

windows 10 pro


plzz help me for how can set best setting radeon software with 17.7.2   ----> enhanced synx - wttman - global - display


im playing overwatch and dota 2 and rainbow 6 , 10 hour in day //// after new dirver overwatch crrash at start game and drop out .... in dota 2 my fps -30 after new drive plzzz help mee ty