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Vega Radeon Pack - Are any monitor rebates coming to the European version?

Question asked by pat000pat on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by petitnissart

Hey guys,

currently as you might have seen on the website linked below, Vega Packs cost $100 more than the card alone, have 2 games in them, a rebate for a 1700X or 1800X with one of three X370 motherboards, and if you are in USA, Mexico, Singapore, Canada or Australia you get a $200 rebate on a Samsung 34" Ultrawide Freesync monitor. In the Rest of the World though the $200 rebate is completely missing. This is pretty concerning to me, as this won't ever be a good deal in Europe, South America or somewhere else if no monitor rebate will be included, especially if you are someone like me, who already decided to go for a Ryzen build and has his R5 1600 + X370 or B350 motherboard already since a month or more.


So, directed to AMD marketing, who are you targeting with this rebate, if not AMD enthusiasts - of which many will have built their Ryzen system already a few months ago?


And: Why is the monitor rebate so limited in the aforementioned countries and non-existent in Europe?


Link to Radeon Pack info: