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Graphics card not working after clean-up and paste change (LED's flashing)

Question asked by celsior on Jul 30, 2017
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I've got this Gigabyte R9 390 for a little over a year now and today, after a routine clean-up and thermal paste change to my computer, something I've done dozens of times now, the monitor isn't dislaying anything, like it's unplugged. The monitor is, in fact, plugged into the card, the computer itself seems to be working fine -- all the lights turn on, all the fans start up. The only thing off about the way it's working, as far as I can tell, is these LED's on the side of the card spelling the word "silent" periodically flash, while the Windforce logo is just on, like the "silent" words should normally be, the fans seem to be working fine and I've double checked and re-plugged everything I unplugged for the clean-up. I have no idea how or why this is happening now and I don't know how to even start to attempt to fix it because the monitor won't even show anything.


I'd really appretiate some help ASAP.


Thank you in advance