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    Escape from Tarkov Red Team Build


      My current rig is:


      ASRock Taichi X370 MB

      Ryzen 1800X with Corsair Hydro water cooler

      32GB Corsair Vengeance 3000Mhz DDR4

      2 x XFX 8GB RX480 custom water cooled

      512GB Samsung 950 Pro NVMe


      Escape from Tarkov just made it to closed beta and I'm enjoying the game.  However it appears that the frames per second seem to be lagging way behind where they should be.  I believe the issue is Ryzen related because of some throttling going on in the CPU.  Here is a link that someone on YouTube made that discusses the issue and what they think is causing it.


      Escape From Tarkov Alpha GPU Performance Review and Benchmarks - YouTube