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Autodesk Sketchbook Crashing with Vega FE Radeon Pro Drivers

Question asked by ginpo236 on Jul 30, 2017




I've finally been able to sit down and start Autodesk Sketchbook with my Vega FE and it seems that since installing the FE card and the launch drivers (6.27.17), my AutoDesk sketchbook windows app crashes after a few seconds.



I've tried resetting (and re-installing) the app and still no luck, it's stuck on the welcome and subscription screen. I've tried using other apps- Graphiter, Bamboo Paper, and MS Fresh Paint. They all seem to be working fine.



Any help would be welcomed.



OS: Windows 10 OS build 15063.483


CPU: Ryzen 1700


RAM: 32mb


GPU: Vega FE Air-Cooled


Drivers: Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro Software Version 17.6



Thank you


(This has also been posted on the Autodesk Forums)