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    RX480 AMD Issue with AMD Driver 17.7.2 driver


      Recently I just installed the amd driver 17.7.2 driver.


      It is causing problems in playing Tekken 7 its slowly loading.. before installing this driver it works smoothly,  I also tried loading the 3D mark 11 Timespy   benchmark tool, but Im recieving this issue "window_focus_lost: display resolution changed"


      Is there a problem with this update?  I already tried uninstalling this driver with DDU ("Display Driver Uninstaller)" and re-install this again, however i recieved the same issue...


      I can run DOOM,  and CSGO


      Run Furmark for 30 mins with no problem.


      Below is my system specs:


      * Sapphire AMD RX480 Nitro 4GB  (2pc Crossfire enabled)

      * Intel i5 7600K

      * MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

      * G-Skill Ripjaws 4 - 2400MHZ (2x8GB  DDR4)

      * Intel SD500 Series M.2 (120 GB) - Location of the driver

      * WD Green  (1TB HardDisk)

      * Seasonic 750 Watts