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    Der8auers delidding...


      what the heck AMD forcing der8auer to take his video down.. poor form!!!.. if he said something u didnt want him to say just deal with it I've already seen the video. and anyone teccy has too!!!


      if you didn't want him to delid it then you shouldn't of let him have access to one!!! but forcing him to take it down is just down right aweful in my opinion.. I love amd but you guys need to know that this was a poor move...

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          Since Threadripper is not yet released, I would suppose that der8auer has a sample under NDA agreement. The agreement probably does not allow that information to be public until a certain date. Therefore, it may be possible that his analysis could return to public view after the date passes.

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              but yea fair enough guys... that was sent without context..  still tho he

              did have approval from amd germany.. and he didn't disclose any performance

              or anything other then omg it looks like an epic cpu... still think its a

              bit of a dog move to get him to take it down..